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Art Challenge:
Take my dragon from the last challenge and redesign it in the style of a Mario character.
Don’t focus on color or rendering it 3D. Just the design.
I focused on what would make my dragon weak and what would make it strong. His head and lure would the the formidable half, while his body is thin and weak and would definitely be where you would want to focus your attack. Just watch out for his stingy tail.
The first dragon:
Whaaa? I’m Livestreaming an art challenge now just for funzies. I have to redesign my dragon as if it were a Mario villain.

Late night sleepy watercolor.
Art Challange:
GuidelinesDesign a dragon that could be part of an MMO.Draw on only one layer.Don’t worry about color.Doesn’t have to be perfectly rendered. Keep it loose.Don’t go cute.I went with a water dragon based on deep sea fish.
Something is Fishy about this Livestream tomorrow night….
The stream will start at 8pm PST/ 11pm EST. It will be a drawing stream and not a Doodlestream, so tuna in.

"Portrait of Erin," 11"x14", oil on canvas, 2013
A commission I did last year that I never got a chance to post.

I painting a little before work this morning. Starting to get a little more detail in the Jake painting.

First layer of the mini Jake painting.

Started a painting of Jake today. Waiting for the under painting to dry.