Artistique Loup

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"In the Garden with Spooky"
A quick drawing based on a friend of mine and her cat Spooky.
"When We Meet Again"
A quick drawing inspired by a piece by Elioli. I loved their color palette and rough brush stroke quality. It reminded me of my dog, Maggie, who passed away in April this year. 
My friend had her birthday recently. I made her a bunch of homemade fortune cookies as her gift and I drew Timmy Nook with a bunch of fortune cookies for her card.
I don’t have the rest of the card, but here is the Timmy image.

Our Jamba Juice is a training store and we just trained a GM. Now she’s moving on to run her own store. I made her a card for everyone to sign to wish her luck.
It’s night and I’m sleepy. So I drew a star girl. 
Prismacolor markers.